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Hello Again,

Two posts in two nights crazy right?

So tonight I’m going to kick off my blog with a post about one of my favourite places to eat out as someone who can’t eat gluten, dairy or egg. So today after I spent a little time shopping I was SUPER hungry but I only had 5 minutes left before I had to pay for parking so I decided to get lunch at one of my favourites places.

Charlies Raw Squeeze is a vegan juice/smoothie/salad/smoothie bowl bar. This place is one my favourites as they completely cater to people who have dietary requirements as well as those who are vegetarian and vegan. The food is always colourful and tasty and always prepared extremely well, in particular, their ever popular Acai bowls (my favourite thing to order). Even when they have what seems like a quarter of Brisbane lined up on a Saturday, all craving their fruit fix in the form of an edible smoothie with chopped fruit on top, the taste and appearance are never compromised! (As you can see below).

So if you’re a vegetarian, a vegan, someone with a food allergy or someone who just really likes fresh plant-based food, I highly recommend Charlies Raw Squeeze for your fix!

Next time I talk food I think I’ll have to tell you about the vegan bakery that has baked goods I can actually eat!

Stay Blonde


Today’s Lunch! ❤


All opinions expressed in this post came from me with no external influences from Charlies Raw Squeeze or anyone involved with them.


Hello, World!

Welcome to “The Blonde Page”

A blog written by a 19-year-old slightly nutty blonde girl living in Brisbane, Australia. On this blog, I will be talking about various things, mainly my food allergies to gluten, dairy and egg, and where I go out to eat with such a restrictive diet. But fear not, I am also an avid music listener and singer, a book lover, coffee addicted, frequent movie goer. (my guilty pleasure is bad sci-fi movies e.g. Sharknado) and will be talking about all this as well!

So I started this originally because I have put in an application to go an exchange in Oxford, England next year and I wanted a way to document it. BUT it is still a long way away so I decided to start a general Lifestyle one!

If you ever want to chat about anything I write hit me up! I love chatting about life and food and music and books so feel free to anytime!

So follow along as I stumble through this thing we call life.

Au revoir!




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